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Qualities of a healthy individual

by carlo on September 14, 2010

Who doesn’t want a great figure? Admit it, it’s always nice to go to the beach with confidence on taking your shirt off and showing you sexy and fit body. Of course, people who has these kinds of bodies didn’t just sit down and waited for their muscles to pop up. They worked hard for it and gave efforts to achieve the kind of body they wanted.

Question now is, how do they do that with all the hindrances they experience? Laziness is one, and so as low self esteem, but these things are not what they focused on to gain a great body. It’s the qualities that they posses that helped them beat these barriers they encountered.

To attain good shape, we should keep in mind the qualities that we should possess first.


A person can dream of having a good body as much as he  wants but so long as he doesn’t have discipline, his dream will remain a dream. For instance, no matter how much a person wants to go on a diet, if he can’t control himself from eating food he is not supposed to eat, that person will just have to continue eating excessively and none will change with that person’s body weight or figure. Commitment to what you are aiming at is a must. You must make a pact with yourself about defeating an obstacle that may get in your way no matter what.


The willingness to have a physically fit body also plays a big role when it comes to working out. Everything goes down as to how determine you are to reach something. Waking up early in the morning everyday is a pretty difficult thing to overcome especially when the person who wants to be fit who has a night job. Perseverance is one way of defeating this obstacle. Getting up from bed won’t be so hard if you are really determined to have that awesome body.

Knowledge about the right stuff:

Even if a person is well-determined to have a great figure, if he doesn’t know how to or what the right thing to do is, the person would only end up working out in vain. The work outs and health diets should be balanced. The best way to resolve this issue is by consulting a health expert or a nutritionist. This way, it would be safer to follow a certain dietary plan or exercising methods. You can also be able to determine which technique to use to develop a specific body part. For instance, if you want a fit abdomen, you should do sit-ups instead of push-ups.

The vision of having a great body isn’t just all about going to the gym and working out. It’s having the right recipe of good attitude that would really be the fruit of your hard work.

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