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Will Acai Berry and Goji Juice Help You Lose Weight?

by Eric on February 4, 2011

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A lot of juice drinks and pills have been popping out in the market claiming that they can help you lose weight. The question that always comes to mind is “Is it true?

Two of these are prominent in the health juice market –Acai Berry and Goji Juice.

Acai Berry

Acai Berry has been topping the bar in this niche, as one of the most effective health juice in shedding pounds. It has anti-oxidants that protect your body from harmful molecules. It can also help you fight cancer and heart disease.

It also contains fibers and fatty acids, which help you burn more fat, curb down cravings, and boost metabolism. There are also Acai Berry detox products that can cleanse your body from fats.

Goji Juice

Goji Juices considered by believers as a miracle drinks. There are also some people networking this product. This came from Goji Berries, which contain amino acids, protein, calcium, copper, fatty acides, anti-oxidants and more. This drink may help improve your metabolism, strengthen memory, fight cancer cells, stop aging and correct your digestive system.

This juice came with a lot of benefits, a lot of claim and is heavily marketed in the internet.

The Verdict

I’ve seen people drink “healthy” juice drinks and take in “healthy” pills that claim they can also aid you in your journey in losing weight and getting in shape.

Usually, nothing happens because that’s all they do. They let these foods do the work for them.

The keyword in these products is the word “HELP.” They have the potential to help you, but nothing will happen if you won’t act. To lose weight, you need to work on getting in shape and eating healthy foods. Losing weight doesn’t happen in an instant.

Acai Berry and Goji Juice really do have healthy minerals. However, if you take in junk foods and sodas, you just defeat the purpose of these drinks.

These two are just supplements that aids faster in making you live the healthy life you’ve always wanted.

Going back to the question – “Is it true?” – the answers are yes and no. Yes it can help you lose weight, but no it cannot stand alone.

Acai Berry Weight Loss Claims

Goji Juice Benefits

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angeline February 12, 2011 at 2:33 pm

You raised a good point–to lose weight, we have to supplement our healthy food choices with a healthy lifestyle. Enjoyed article.

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