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The Importance of Sleep

by Priscilla on July 4, 2010

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Getting enough sleep is a very important part of our everyday lives. While you sleep your body’s skeletal,muscular, nervous, and immune system are rejuvenating and growing. People that do not get enough sleep have more disorders than people that do get enough sleep.

Health Concerns: Not getting enough sleep doubles your risk for death from cardiovascular diseases. You also can be at risk for weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder, and even alcoholism. People who don’t get enough sleep cannot perform cognitive functions properly, this goes along with loss of memory. A buildup of sleep deprivation during the day will lead you to not be not be able to concentrate properly making you forget facts and conversations you may have had yesterday. If you get a good nights sleep you brain can have better retention and understanding. So get more sleep if you want to do good on any school tests!

During Sleep you may not realize that your body is doing a lot. Your body needs sleep to recuperate from your hard day.If you workout regularly your body needs a lot of sleep because your muscles need to heal so that you can go back to the gym the next day feeling great.

If you may be stressing about something, while you are sleeping, your blood pressure lowers. Without sleep your body can not recharge and go back to a normal state. If you are always stressing without hardly any sleep you will find yourself aging quicker. Let yourself relax, so that you can reverse these bad effects!

If you find yourself gaining a little more weight this will be partly because of your lack of sleep. When you do not get enough sleep your appetite increases and your body craves carbohydrates and fats. Just getting the proper amount of sleep can lose those unwanted pounds.

Find that happy medium: There is such a thing as too much sleep. Studies have shown that if you sleep over eight hours a night this risks your chance of mortality. The best amount of sleep without feeling groggy is six to seven hours nightly. If you find yourself trying to get more sleep but find it impossible you may have a sleep disorder. If this is the case, go to your local doctor. Lastly, find that happy medium and you will be feeling smarter about your new way of life!

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