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Can Eating Yogurt Help You Lose Weight?

by Gigi on May 10, 2011

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The yogurt diet trend is on the rise right now. Most people who are trying to shake off weight are getting on the yogurt diet bandwagon to see if consuming yogurt can actually help them. That and the fact that yogurt does taste quite yummy.

It depends on the kind of yogurt you eat.

Not all yogurts are created the same. Almost all are considered healthy with the amount of healthy bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria that keep your inside in tip-top shape. Most yogurts are also loaded heavily with vitamins and minerals Рa whole lot of protein and calcium in a small serving.

However, there are yogurt brands that are also loaded with SUGAR and FAT. The 2 ingredients that make most yogurts oh so yummy and sweet.

The 2 ingredients that won’t really help you lose weight either.

It is just important to read the nutrition labels when buying yogurt too. Not all yogurts are made the same.

When choosing a brand of yogurt to aid you in your weight loss, choose low-fat, non-fat and sugar-free.

How does yogurt help you lose weight?

There has been countless research and studies which show that eating yogurt definitely helps you lose weight.

Yogurt is packed with vitamins and minerals. Potassium being one of minerals,  help you shed those extra weight by getting rid of the excess sodium in your body, which are most of the time just water weight.

The perfect blending of insane amount of calcium and protein in a cup or 6 ounce serving of yogurt really helps you in losing weight by literally burning the fat, especially the notorious belly fat. Fat accumulation in that area can be a potential risk factor for heart disease and hypertension. So, a serving of yogurt at least once or twice a day will not just help you trim down but help you become healthier too.

The right combination of calcium and protein helps build lean muscle. And the lean muscle helps obliterate the unwanted fats, losing you some weight along the process.

Just remember though that you won’t lose weight by just eating yogurt alone. It has to be the right combination of proper diet and exercise.

And if you eat yogurt today, don’t expect to lose weight tomorrow. It takes time and persistence in building a healthy lifestyle. Now, that you know that yogurt does help you lose weight, go ahead and get some yogurt.

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