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Kombucha Tea: Is it Just Another Health FAD?

by Gigi on February 22, 2012

What’s this Kombucha commotion all about?

I just heard about Kombucha tea recently and I didn’t even know that there is such a tea. I’ve heard of green tea, oolong and black tea – but never a “Kombucha.” It didn’t sound very tea-like at all!

kombucha tea benefits

Apparently, you can use any kind of tea when making kombucha tea. The kind of tea you use will dynamically affect the taste of Kombucha that you are brewing.

What exactly is Kombucha Tea?

Kombucha tea is a fermented drink created with tea, sugar, yeast and bacteria. After going through the fermentation process the result is a liquid with a mushroom-like culture which contains B vitamins, active enzymes and acetic acid.

What are the So-Called Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea?

Aside from detoxifying one’s body and providing your body an extra boost of energy, Kombucha tea fanatics claim that it also has does the following if you drink it religiously:

  • Cancer healing and preventive properties
  • Aids in digestion
  • Improves your kin’s texture and elasticity
  • Sharpens your eyesight
  • Improve joint and bone health

Providing a healthy balance in your body is the main health benefit that Kombucha offers. However, there is no medical evidence on these said benefits just yet. But Kombucha aficionados worldwide will vouch for the nutrition this tea can bring about to anybody who drinks it.

Is it Safe to Drink?

You can buy a serving of Kombucha tea in your local Asian grocery store to safely try it out. However, there are a lot of starter-kits for sale online to help you brew Kombucha right in your own kitchen. There are safety concerns in brewing it on your own because it could easily be contaminated when fermenting tea on your own.

There are also some documented cases of the side effects from drinking Kombucha tea. The most common complains are stomach upsets, infections and even allergic reactions. This might stem from contaminated tea created at home in a non-sterile environment. There may be times that ceramic is used to brew tea. Tea is very acidic and can easily sponge off the lead in ceramic containers – if this is the one used.

Is  Kombucha Tea Commendable to drink?

I have to admit that although there are a lot of raves about this kind of tea preparation. I would recommend that you give it a try – but not really make it a daily part of your diet, since we really do not know the extent of its benefits and side effects.

It is still best to be safe than sorry!

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